MSAS 2017 International Workshop on Modeling and Security of Autonomous Systems


Autonomous (and semi-autonomous) systems such as drones and driverless cars start to play more and more important roles in our daily lives.  How to develop very high quality software for autonomous systems and prevent cyber-attacks has become a major concern for many companies and government agencies.    In order to develop high-quality software, it is important to develop an accurate model of the targeted systems.  Therefore, conceptual modelling plays a major and essential role in system design and development. The goal of our workshop is to find new techniques to make the current and future (semi-) autonomous systems safer and better. 

The workshop will focus on: (a) conceptual and other modeling techniques applying to (semi- and) autonomous systems, (b) techniques and devops for assuring cybersecurity and survivability of such systems. Presentations (only) and Papers on these two and related topics are welcome.  Co-sponsorships of the workshop from research funding agencies and autonomous system vendors are welcome.

The workshop will combine (1) Presentations only, (2) paper presentations, and (3) Panel discussions and open discussions. Recent research results, the state-of-the art, as well as challenges for future research are welcome.  After the workshop, selected research work presented at the workshop will be published in a special issue of Data & Knowledge Engineering Journal and, possibly, formal workshop proceedings.

How to become Speakers/Panelists

The speakers/panelists of this workshop are by invitation only.  The participation of the workshop is open to all registrants of ER2017 Conference.  Those interested in serving as speakers/panelists, please send their intent and suitable documents to the workshop organizers.  There is no specific format required for abstracts or full papers for getting invitation to be speakers/panelists in the workshop.  All the submissions should be sent to

After the workshop, some of the talks/papers will be selected for publication in a special issue of Data & Knowledge Engineering Journal, and possible formal workshop proceedings.  The selected authors will be provided with the required styles/formats in preparing the manuscripts. 

Important Dates

  • October 15, 2017

    Intent of Interest

  • October 18, 2017

    Abstract of Presentation and bio

    Send to

  • October 22, 2017

    Full paper (Optional - not required)

  • Shortly after receiving the abstract and bio

    Speaker/Panelist Notification

Program Committee

Arne Solvberg, NTNU, Norway
Paul Losiewicz, Quanterion Solutions, USA
Leah Wong, Navy SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, USA
Motoshi Saeki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Nick Mutari, Pacific Northwest National lab., USA

Workshop Co-chairs

Oscar Pastor, UPV, Spain

Heinrich C. Mayr, AAU, Austria

Peter Chen, Carnegie Mellon University, USA