ER Demos

The ER Demos 2017 are intended to showcase innovative tools and applications for developing, communicating and implementing conceptual models. The tools may originate from research initiatives or from industry. Therefore, the ER Demos 2017 will provide an opportunity to present and discuss emerging methods and technologies with researchers and practitioners in the field of conceptual modeling.

[εm] – Process Analysis using a Meta Modeling Tool Dennis M. Riehle, Steffen Höhenberger, Jens Brunk, Patrick Delfmann and Jörg Becker

Semantic Consistency in Enterprise Models -- Through Seamless Modelling and Execution Support Tomas Jonsson and Håkan Enquist

Exploiting IBM Watson Analytics to Visualize and Analyze Data from Goal-Based Conceptual Models Okhaide Akhigbe, Susie Heap, Daniel Amyot and Gregory Richards