KEYNOTE 1:  The Who/What/Why of Conceptual Modeling of Information

November 6th, 16:30 - 17:30

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  • Lois

    As a faculty member at The Center for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (in Lafayette, Louisiana), The Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Engineering, Oregon Health & Science University, and Portland state university (all in Portland, Oregon), she has graduated more than 20 PhD students and published more than 100 papers in refereed conferences and 40 papers in journals. She has served as a principal investigator in more than 50 projects with funding from the US National Science Foundation, the US Air Force, the US National Library of Medicine (of the US National Institutes of Health), the US Defense Advanced Research Agency, and others where the projects were inspired by a broad range of applications including: managing documents in the USDA Forest Service, the design processes for satellite systems, and information in patient medical records; supporting retrospective research over an archive of patient endoscopy reports; improving information retrieval in domain-specific websites (e.g., health information sites in Denmark); and providing what we call semantic widgets for websites that house educational materials. Her research is in the area of database systems, conceptual modeling, digital libraries, and information retrieval.  In 2013, she received the 2013 Portland State University, George C. Hoffman Award for Faculty Excellence for "distinguished contributions to the University in the areas of instruction, university service, and scholarship (in that order) which are done in the spirit of humanism, civility, and collegiality." In 2016, she was named an ER Fellow.

    Lois Delcambre
    Professor Emerita of Computer Science, Portland State University