Antoni Olivé. Emeritus professor of information systems, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

This Panel is related to the Keynote given by Prof. Antoni olivé. More infomation about the content of this Keynote can be found HERE

May Industry benefit from Conceptual Modeling in Big Data?

Conceptual models (and conceptual modeling) have been important topics for more than 30 years for both researchers and practitioners. Across the last three decades, there has been a significant progress in research around conceptual modeling ranging from theoretical models to tailored conceptual modeling approaches to concrete domains/scenarios such as Business Processes, Business Intelligence, Requirement’s Engineering or Biomedical domains. It is widely accepted for both researchers and practitioners that as systems have become increasingly complex, the role of conceptual modeling has dramatically expanded. However, it seems that with the arrival of Big Data, the importance of conceptual models has reversed. This seems to be a controversy as the more data we face up with, the more valuable the use of conceptual models should be in order to allow us to:

  • Better understand data
  • Facilitate their integration
  • Being to provide the right data to decision makers.

In this panel, we will start by exploring the relevance of conceptual models in this new era of Big Data. Do we need to process Big Data sources through general or domain specific conceptual models? Do Conceptual Models allow us to save time and developing costs? Or they are a completely waste of time and money. In this panel, we are extremely interested in gathering answers not only from the research community, but also from the industry. That’s why we will invite experts from the research community and big and small/medium enterprises to debate on the relevance of conceptual models in the day-to-day software developing activities in this new Big Data era. The aim of this panel is to create a common working group from different communities and domains to identify new directions for future research on conceptual modeling to increase the relevance and usefulness of conceptual models in industry.


John Mylopoulos

 University of Trento, Italy

Sudha Ram

University of Arizona, USA

Ivan Martínez

ATOS Company, Spain

Mathias Jarke

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Carson Woo

University of British Columbia, Canada

Sofia Panagiotidi

Taiger, Spain