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ER RECEPTION 6th November at 20:30

The reception will be hold in “Palacio de la Exposición” on 6th November at 20:30. It is a palace built at the begging of 20th century to show a regional exhibition in 1910. It is a Gothic building that puts together civil architecture, military architecture and religious architecture.

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Guided tour & Smart dinner 7th November at 18:30

On 7th November at 18:30 in “Almoina Square” we will have a touristic tour throughout the city center. ER attendees will walk thought the oldest part of the city together with a touristic guide that will explain the most important buildings of Valencia.

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At 20:30 we will have a “Smart Dinner” in restaurant “Orio”. This restaurant is in the city center and has a great variety of “tapas” to share.

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Traditional Valencian snack: Orxata 8th November at 16:00

On 8th November at 16:00 in the ER Forum we will have a traditional valencian snack: “Orxata”. This event will take place within the conference building. Orxata is the name of several kinds of beverages, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley and tigernuts (chufas).

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Gala Dinner 8th November at 20:30

The gala dinner will take place in “Oceanografic” restaurant on 8th November at 20:30. Before the dinner, we will have a tour through its aquarium, the biggest one in Europe. Situated inside the architectural complex modern of the City of the Arts and Sciences, this place reproduces faithfully the most important marine ecosystems.

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